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How To Cancel Gst Registration

GST Cancellation

How To Cancel Gst Registration

How To Cancel Gst Registration

Step By Step Guide to cancel GST Registration Online

*.Go to www.gst.gov.in.
*.Login in your account .
*.In the menu, click Services.
*.Sub menu will open, In the sub menu click Registration.

*.When you click registration, you will find 8 sub menu opens.
*.In that see the last one in the rightside
*.Click Application for Cancellation of Registration.
*.It will take you to a new window.

NEW window

*.You will see 3 topic.
*.Basic,cancellation Details and Verification
*.Go to basic and check all your basic details are there.
*.Then go to Cancellation details, give reason for cancellation.

*.After filing cancellation, then go to verification.
*.Click the Small Box before hereby
*.Select the Name of Authorized Signatory
*.Select the palace and submit, your cancellation is successfully done.
*.You will receive OTP in your mobile and email enter to validate
*.You will receive an ARN Number for your cancellation.

How to check, whether the cancellation is successfull

*.Go To www.gst.gov.in.
*.Click profile.
*.Go to GSTN status.
*.You will find whether its active or cancelled.
*.If its cancelled then logout.
*.If not cancelled, Go to Services MENU.

*.In services MENU you will see SUB menu, In that click User services.
*.Click user services, you will see sub menu open in that.
*.In user services, click View Notices and Orders
*.If any orders issued
*.Do the same process from the begining FOR Cancellation



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