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Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme(FMCS)

The Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS) is a program managed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) that grants licenses to foreign manufacturers, permitting them to use the ISI Mark on their products. The ISI Mark is a certification mark indicating that a product complies with Indian standards.

To be eligible for FMCS certification, foreign manufacturers must fulfill specific requirements:

  • Quality Management System (QMS) Certificate: Foreign manufacturers must hold a valid QMS certificate from a certification body recognized by the BIS.
  • Product Testing: Manufacturers need to submit samples of their products to a BIS-recognized laboratory for testing. If the samples pass these tests, the BIS will issue a license, allowing the use of the ISI Mark on the products.

The FMCS is primarily designed to assist foreign manufacturers in exporting their products to India. FMCS certification enables foreign manufacturers to demonstrate to Indian consumers that their products meet Indian standards and adhere to high-quality standards.

Here are some key benefits of FMCS certification for foreign manufacturers:

  • Increased Market Access: FMCS certification grants foreign manufacturers access to the Indian market, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing economies.
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation: The ISI Mark is widely respected in India. By displaying the ISI Mark on their products, foreign manufacturers can enhance their brand reputation and build trust with Indian consumers.
  • Reduced Product Testing Costs: FMCS certification can reduce product testing costs for foreign manufacturers. Once a manufacturer obtains FMCS certification, they do not need to test their products for BIS compliance before exporting to India.
  • Improved Product Quality: Following the Indian standards required for FMCS certification can help foreign manufacturers enhance the quality of their products, ensuring that they meet the expectations of Indian consumers.

Proof of Establishment:

Documents proving the establishment of a Branch or Liaison Office in India or an agent appointed by the foreign manufacturer. This could include a Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership Deed, etc. RBI permission, if applicable.

Authorisation Letter:

Nomination of an authorized representative in India, executed by the foreign applicant on their letterhead.

Quality Documentation:

Quality plan, quality manual, and test formats that outline the quality assurance system in the factory.

Manufacturing Process:

A process flow-chart detailing the complete manufacturing process from raw material procurement to storage of the finished product.

Pre-certification Details:

Information on any pre-certifications for raw materials or components used in the product manufacturing.

Machinery List:

A comprehensive list of manufacturing machinery available in the factory.

Test Equipment List:

A detailed list of test equipment available for product quality assurance.

Other Certifications:

Details of other certifications the factory systems and/or products might have.

Product Drawings:

Drawings or technical diagrams of the product and/or its components.

Test Report:

A test report from a BIS-certified laboratory for the product.

Staff Details:

Appointment letters, experience certificates, and qualification details of lab in-charge, technical staff, or quality personnel employed full-time.

Factory Location:

A layout plan with clear directions from the nearest significant transport hub (railway station

Procedure to get FMCS

Apply for FMCS Certification: Begin the process by completing an application form and collating all necessary documents that affirm your adherence to Indian standards. Our team can guide you through this process.

Submit Your Application and Pay Fees: Once your application is ready, submit it along with the payment of relevant fees. The application fee depends on your product type, and you must also pay the factory inspection fee at this point.

Factory Inspection: A BIS inspector will visit your manufacturing site to evaluate your production and testing capabilities. This includes examining your quality management procedures, manufacturing processes, and testing equipment.

Product Sample Testing: The BIS inspector will take product samples for independent verification at a BIS-recognized laboratory to ensure compliance with the necessary standards.

Payment of Licensing and Marking Fees: After a successful factory inspection, you will need to pay the licensing fee. Additionally, an advance minimum marking fee is required for the usage of the ISI mark on your products.

Reception of FMCS Certificate: Upon fulfilling all criteria, the BIS will grant your FMCS certification. This certification authorizes you to sell your products in India bearing the ISI mark.

Why choose Ecfile

Expertise in Indian Market Regulations: Ecfile brings extensive knowledge of India's regulatory landscape to the table, ensuring your FMCS certification is in strict adherence to the BIS's current standards and procedures.

Comprehensive Documentation Assistance: We provide thorough support in compiling your application documents, making sure every detail conforms to the required specifications from start to finish.

Seamless Application Process: Our streamlined procedures simplify your certification efforts, allowing you to concentrate on your business while we handle the complex aspects of FMCS certification.

Factory Inspection Preparedness: With Ecfile, you can be confident that your manufacturing site is ready for the BIS inspection, thanks to our expert advice on quality control and manufacturing processes.

Accredited Laboratory Coordination: We ensure your product testing is conducted efficiently by coordinating with BIS-accredited laboratories, guaranteeing compliance with Indian standards.

Cost-Efficient Fee Management: Our transparent fee management approach helps you understand and take charge of the various costs associated with FMCS certification.

Post-Certification Support: Ecfile’s commitment to your success extends beyond certification. We offer continued support for maintaining your certification and guidance through any future compliance updates.

ISI Marking Facilitation: After certification, we assist in the implementation of the ISI mark on your products, affirming their quality and trustworthiness in the Indian marketplace.



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