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Trademark Amendment

Trademark Amendment: Evolving Your Brand Identity

A trademark amendment involves modifying a registered trademark, which could include changes in the trademark owner's name or address, altering goods or services, or amending the trademark itself.

Trademarks serve as crucial assets, distinguishing your offerings and ensuring brand recognition. However, occasions may arise where amending your registered trademark becomes necessary due to business name changes, alterations in offered goods/services, or rectification of registration errors.

Advantages of Trademark Amendment:

  • Keeping your trademark current and pertinent.
  • Avoiding potential trademark infringement issues.
  • Safeguarding and enhancing your brand reputation.
  • Enhancing the marketability of your goods/services.

Procedure for Trademark Amendment in India:

To amend your trademark in India, submission of Form TM-P to the Trademark Office is mandatory. Alongside this form, you'll need to provide:

  • A copy of the trademark registration certificate
  • A statement specifying the proposed amendment
  • Evidence justifying the need for amendment (if applicable)
  • Payment of the prescribed fee

The Trademark Office evaluates your application and may issue a notice of objection if concerns arise. Responding to this notice is crucial. Upon satisfactory response, the Trademark Office will update the trademark register with a notification of amendment.

Trademark Correction vs. Trademark Amendment:

A trademark correction rectifies minor errors like typos, while a trademark amendment brings substantial changes, such as altering the trademark name or goods/services.

Our Expertise in Trademark Amendment:

Our comprehensive trademark amendment services in India cover all aspects, from paperwork filing to responding to Trademark Office notices. Our team ensures clients stay updated on their application's status throughout the process.

Backed by experienced trademark attorneys, we have a strong track record in successfully facilitating trademark amendments for businesses. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch service, assuring swift and efficient trademark amendments.

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If considering a trademark amendment, contact us for a detailed fee breakdown and discussion on your requirements. We're eager to assist and guide you through the process.



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