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ISI stands for the Indian Standards Institution, now known as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). BIS is a government organization responsible for establishing and maintaining quality standards to ensure consumer safety and product quality. ISI certification indicates that a product conforms to specific Indian quality and safety standards. It is often regarded as a symbol of quality and safety in the Indian market. While ISI certification is typically voluntary, certain products, like electrical appliances, LPG valves, and LPG cylinders, must have the ISI mark to be sold in India. Manufacturers misusing the ISI mark may face license suspension or revocation, and the BIS conducts regular inspections to ensure compliance. Consumers can report counterfeit ISI marks to the BIS.

ISI Mark

The ISI mark is a logo, usually displayed on products, packaging, or in product documentation. Only manufacturers who have been granted an ISI certificate by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) are authorized to use the ISI mark on their products. The ISI mark is a registered trademark of the BIS, and its unauthorized use is illegal.

ISI Mark Renewal

ISI mark renewal refers to the process of extending the validity of an ISI (Indian Standards Institute) mark certificate.ISI mark certificates have a limited validity period, typically ranging from one to two years. To continue using the ISI mark on their products and demonstrate ongoing compliance with these standards, manufacturers and businesses must undergo the ISI mark renewal process before the existing certificate expires.

The renewal duration for an ISI (Indian Standards Institution) certificate typically ranges from 1 to 5 years.

  • The license renewal can be delayed for up to 90 days
  • The license will expire after its expiration date.
  • A late fee of Rs. 5,000 must be paid with the renewal application.
  • The license will be renewed once the suspension is lifted.

1. If a renewal application is received after the expiration of the validity:
Effect: The license is considered expired and can no longer be renewed. A new application may be required to obtain a fresh license.

2. If a renewal application is not received within the period of deferment:
Effect: The deferment period is essentially a grace period for renewal. If a renewal application is not submitted during this period, the license may expire, and late fees might be applicable when reapplying for renewal.

3. If the renewal application is made after the validity of the license:
Effect: Late fees, such as the mentioned Rs. 5,000, may need to be paid alongside the renewal application for the delay in renewal.

4. If the renewal application and fee are received, but the license is suspended:
Effect: The license remains suspended until the discrepancies leading to the suspension are addressed and resolved.

5. After receipt of a renewal application, if the suspension is revoked at the end of its validity:
Effect: The license can be renewed once the suspension is lifted.

6. If discrepancies which led to the suspension of the license are removed:
Effect: The license can be renewed if the issues or discrepancies that caused the suspension are corrected and resolved.

7. If discrepancies that led to the license's suspension are not removed:
Effect: The renewal of the license may be deferred for a maximum of ninety days. If the discrepancies are not resolved during this period, the license might expire.

ISI Certification Fees:

  • Application and renewal fees: Rs. 1000/- per form
  • Testing fee: Varies from product to product based on the product code
  • Marking Fee: Determined by the Bureau after the approval of grant of license. The higher of the actual marking fee or the minimum marking fee must be paid by the licensee every year.
Marking Fee Details:
  • First year: Unit rate times the quantity marked during the first nine months
  • Subsequent years: Calculated year-to-year
  • Minimum marking fee: Paid in advance for the validity period of the license
Additional Information:
  • If the actual marking fee is more than the minimum marking fee, the difference must be paid annually by the applicant.
  • The Bureau may direct licensees with high production volume to pay actual marking fees quarterly.
  • Marking fees are not refunded if a license is canceled.

ISI Mark Renewal Process:

  1. Go to the BIS website and download the application form for renewal of license.
  2. Fill out the form and attach the following documents:
    • A copy of your valid ISI Mark license
    • A copy of your latest test reports from a BIS-recognized laboratory
    • A production statement for the previous year, signed by a chartered accountant or cost accountant
  3. Pay the renewal fee and marking fee. The amount of the fees depends on the type of product you make and how long you want your new license to be valid for. You can find the fee schedule on the BIS website.
  4. Submit your application and documents to the BIS. You can do this online through the BIS portal or by sending them to a BIS-authorized certification body.
  5. Once your application is approved, the BIS will issue you a new license.

The grounds for rejection of the ISI certification application :

  • Submission of an incomplete application by providing incorrect/invalid/incomplete documents
  • Non-submission of samples for testing after applying for ISI certification.
  • The samples of the product fail the test.
  • The manufacturer had not provided proper assistance to the BIS official during the factory audit. This has led to the non-verification of the production process and testing of the product.
  • The manufacturer is found to have indulged in unethical practices.
  • There is a lack of quality control personnel, or the person in charge of the manufacturing process is not competent.
  • Manufacturing premises need a manufacturing facility.

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