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FSSAI State Licence

FSSAI State Licence

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the regulatory authority in India responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of food products. Depending on the size and scale of your food business, you may need to obtain either an FSSAI Central Licence or an FSSAI State Licence.


FBOs with medium-sized manufacturing units, transporters, marketers, traders, etc., need to take State FSSAI registration from the State Government. This category covers the following businesses:

  • FBOs must have a turnover between Rs 12 lakh to Rs 20 crore (Rs 30 crore in case of transportation business and wholesaler)
  • All grains, cereals, pulses milling units without any limit on production capacity
  • Medium-scale businesses having the following food capacity limits:
    • Food production (other than milk and meat): 1 MT to 2 MT per day
    • Procurement, handling and collection of milk: 501 to 50,000 ltr per day
    • Slaughtering: 3-50 large animals or 11-150 small animals or 51-1,000 poultry birds per day
    • Storage: Up to 10,000 MT
    • Transportation: 100 vehicles
    • Hotel: One, Two, Three and Four star rating
    • Vending machine: Up to 100 vending machines in only one state/UT

Documents Required for FSSAI State Licence:

  1. Identity and address proof of the proprietor or partners or directors.
  2. Proof of possession of premises.
  3. Partnership Deed or Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. List of food products to be manufactured or traded.
  5. Proof of turnover.
  6. NOC from the local municipal authority.
  7. Health NOC for the person in charge.
  • Submit the filled application form along with the necessary documents to the designated FSSAI Portal.
  • You may be required to pay a fee for processing the Licence application.
  • The FSSAI authorities may conduct an inspection of your premises to ensure that they meet food safety standards and regulations.
If your application is complete and your premises meet the necessary standards, the FSSAI will grant you a State Licence. Upon approval of your application, it is mandatory to prominently display it at your food business premises. FSSAI Renewal:

The FSSAI State Licence is typically valid for one to five years. You will need to renew it before it expires to continue operating your food business.

Non-compliance with FSSAI regulations may lead to penalties or even the closure of your food business, so it's crucial to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements and maintain you are fully compliant with FSSAI Regulations.



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