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Agmark Regsitration

Agmark Registration


AGMARK is a Certification mark employed on Agricultural Products in India, assuring that they conform to the standards approved by Directorate of Marketing & Inspection.

AGMARK Certification agency for ensuring quality on agricultural products. These include fruits, Vegetables, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetable oils, ghee, spices, honey, creamery butter, wheat, atta, besan, etc

Documents required for Agmark Registration:

  • Partnership or Ownership Proof
  • Company Blueprint: Reveal your company's purpose and rules with the MoA and AoA.
  • Consent Letter: If your production premises are rented, secure the owner's approval.
  • TBL Copies: For each AGMARK-graded commodity, showcase your unique brand identity.
  • Medical Fitness Tests: Assure hygiene with certified worker health reports.
  • Lab Instruments & Consent: If setting up your own lab, list the tools and obtain consent from approved labs if utilizing external ones.
  • Layout Plan: Map your domain, clearly outlining its dimensions and approved by the authorities.
  • Ownership Proofs: Stake your claim on the premises and your Trade Brand Label (TBL).
  • Utilization & Material Declarations: Pledge to use the TBL only for AGMARK-graded products and ensure "Food Grade" packaging.

Procedure for Agmark Registration:

Application Channels

  • Online: Visit the AGMARK website at dmi.gov.in to conveniently download the form.
  • In-Person: Take a trip to your nearest Directorate of Marketing and Inspection (DMI) office for a physical copy.

Application Procedure

  • Application Form (Form A): Fill it out with care, ensuring accuracy.
  • Essential Documents: Attach the required documents, which vary based on your product and location. Check the official AGMARK guidelines for specifics.
  • Application Fee: Pay the fee as a demand draft. The amount depends on factors like grading and processing charges.

Preparation Steps

  • Processing Power: Make sure you have the infrastructure to process your commodity to AGMARK standards.
  • Lab Access: Secure access to an approved grading lab, either through collaboration or by having your own.

Submission and Verification

  • Send It Off: With all the pieces in place, submit your application to the DMI office.
  • Verification Time: The DMI team will conduct a thorough verification process, which typically takes around 30-40 days.

Further Requirements

  • Form A-3: If you're partnering with an approved lab, furnish their consent letter using this form.
  • Pre-Packing Quality Check: Before sealing your products, an approved chemist will test both raw materials and processed commodities for quality assurance.
  • Regular Field Checks: DMI officers will conduct periodic checks to ensure consistency between samples from your premises and those in the market.
  • Keep It Current: Maintain your AGMARK status by renewing your Certificate of Authorisation using Form A-4 for a fee of Rs. 5000.

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